A director makes only one movie in his life. Then he breaks it into pieces and makes it again.
Jean Renoir
We always have projects in the works. If we're not actually shooting, we're in pre-production or post-production. Typically we have projects in all three stages simultaniously.
Pre Production Includes casting, scouting, scheduling, writing, testing and storyboarding.
Post Production Includes editing, voice-overs, audio, music production, reshoots, effects and test screenings.
A teenage couple questions the future of their relationship during an eventful night working together.

After completing an early version of this film in 2009 we realized we'd need to take another crack at it. In late 2012 we'll start our reshoot in the Des Moines area. This film is currently in pre-production.

That's Nothing
A family fight in which everyone tries to outdo each other has deadly consequences.

This short film will be shot in the Summer of 2012 and is currently in pre-production.

That Sinking Feeling
After nearly drowning at a pool party, a young man realizes his life has changed.

Summer 2012
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Gone Wicked
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