I love independent filmmaking. I don't agree with a lot of it, but that's the point.
Gena Rowlands
Not fully evolved
The fun part about independent film, is that it's ever evolving. We're all learning and growing with each project.
We love it!
And you can tell. The environment on our sets is professional, but fun and creative.
Big Money
OK, we're not yet making millions, but we usually have pretty good bagles and drinks on the set.

Short Films
We shoot 3-4 short films per year. These are generally one day shoots with a small cast and crew.

Feature Films
We generally shoot one feature length film per year; usually over a 45-60 day window.

We have two documentaries scheduled to shoot in 2012 and plan to shoot 1-2 per year going forward.
We shoot our projects for various national film festivals and for local release.

The Studio
Our studio is located in historic Highland Park in Des Moines, IA.

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